Cleaning Your Espresso Machine.

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Cleaning your Espresso Machine will maintain the life of your machine longer and keep your coffee tasting nice. 


Weekly Clean

 Weekly Procedure to back-flush each delivery group:

  1. Remove coffee filter from group handle, and replace with “blind” filter.
  2. For weekly clean add 1 level scoop of Espresso Clean® into the group handle and insert as if brewing espresso. If the machine is cleaned less often, use 2 scoops.
  3. Start cycle and allow to run for 10 seconds to dissolve cleaner. Stop cycle.
  4. Allow to sit for 10 to 15 minutes ( up to 1 hour maximum), allowing time for the chemical to remove coffee oils, etc.
  5. Start and stop cycle 6 more times – run for 10 seconds, stop for 5 seconds.
  6. Remove the group handle and rinse well the blind filter under stream of water from delivery group. Turn off.
  7. Re-insert handle with blind filter, start & stop cycle 10 times – run for 5 seconds, stop for 2 seconds to ensure thorough rinsing. Remove blind filter & insert regular filter.
  8. Brew and discard a single espresso to re-season machine.


 Daily Clean

Same as above but do not use chemical and skip step 4 and 8.




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