Luminaire Shot Timer

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Luminaire Automatic Shot Timer

This automatic espresso shot timer senses when a shot has started and displays the shot time in seconds. The timer automatically stops when the barista stops the shot and resets at the start of the next shot.

Works with any home or commercial espresso machine using 24V, 120V, or 240V grouphead (3-way) solenoid valves (AC not DC).

Requires no modification to the espresso machine and installs in minutes without tools. The shot timer can be magnetically mounted to the front or top of the machine.

The shot timer runs on a standard coin cell (CR2032) battery for up to 4 years and has been tested to handle the heat and humidity of a busy café environment.

Designed in Seattle and Assembled in the USA.


Unplug the espresso machine and make sure it is cool enough to touch.

Magnetically attach the shot timer to the front or top of the espresso machine.

Locate the brewing solenoid and adhere the sensor dip in either position shown on the instructions Attach the sensor from the shot timer to the sensor clip.

Plug in and turn on the machine. When you start brewing the timer should display a counter. If it does not start counting or if the timer shows "Er" try moving the sensor forward or back in the dip


  • Large LCD Display
  • Automatically times every shot
  • Magnetic back plate