7gm E.S.E Pods.

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Pods are a convenient way to make excellent espresso coffees.

Each pod contains a single or double serving of freshly ground coffee beans, already measured and pre-tamped, ready for placing into an espresso machine.

What goes into a pod?

Precisely measured ground coffee
Roasted coffee beans are freshly ground and immediately measured into individual doses - either single serve or double serves. Each dose is then pre-tamped for optimal extraction and wrapped in a paper pod.

Sealed-in, longer-lasting freshness
The filled pods are hermetically sealed into laminated aluminium pouches and flushed with nitrogen to remove the oxygen. This locks in all the original aromas and flavours of the freshly ground coffee until the pouch is opened and the pod is used.


We have 2 different 7gm pod flavours available :

Symphony - Medium/Dark Roast

A well balanced combination of single origin coffee. Clean caramel base, Cacao bold body, Sweet berry and dark chocolate finish.

7 gram pods - Box of 150 for $85.00


Jumpstart - Medium/Dark Roast:

Robust blend, shade grown with banana plants exhibiting sweet berry fruit and wine, low in acidity with a smooth soft body that lingers and melds with flavours of apricot, passion fruit and papaya.
7 gram pods - Box of 150 for $85.00