Rancilio Silvia M 2020 Model

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This is the latest model available with the heating element made of steel (previously copper). The steel element is more resilient than copper. This heating element is screwed in the boiler instead of welded therefore it is easier to remove/replace if required in the future. The 2020 model now comes with an insulated boiler and changed indicator lights.


Product Features and Specifications
.Miss Silvia is Rancilio's semi professional coffee machine. It offers excellent service and high quality coffee. Its reputation speaks for itself. The Silvia is one of the best 'single boiler' machines on the market. It will deliver first rate espresso to the true enthusiast for years and years.
* Stainless steel supporting frame
* Body and control panel in satin stainless steel
* 300ml brass boiler - latest removable steel element
* Commercial group head
* 2 Liter removable water tank
* 3-way solenoid valve
* Stainless Steel drip tray and grate
* Coffee, steam and safety thermostats
* 15 Bar Pump Pressure
* Insulated Boiler


Heavy Duty Pump System
The Silvia uses an Electromagnetic vibratory pump that provides the exact pressures needed to deliver perfect espresso. Rancilio use commercial grade items from the pump to the boiler, and from the boiler to the grouphead.

Ergonomic Switches
Commercial-grade rocker switches with integrated indicator lights are featured on the Rancilio Silvia. The main power switch is located in the centre on the face of the machine. There are 2 indicators next to the main switch. The green light is to let you know the machine is on, and the orange one is to let you know the element is active. When the Silvia is first turned on, the orange light adjacent to the switch will illuminate. The light will remain illuminated until the machine is at operating temperature for brewing espresso, or steaming/frothing milk. On the left side of the control panel are the controls for brewing espresso (top), dispensing hot water (middle), and steam activation (bottom).

Steaming with Rancilio 'Miss Silvia'
The Rancilio Silvia has a stainless steel steam wand that pushes out ample amounts of steam. The newly designed thicker steam wand (updated in 2009) features a 1 hole chrome plated tip and it can now swivel around (instead of side to side) allowing a greater range of motion. In under 35 seconds the Silvia is capable of getting 200ml of milk up to proper temperatures.

Insulated Boiler
The latest 2020 model Silvia now features an insulated boiler. This insulation improves energy consumption and will help maintain temperature stability.

Other features of the Rancilio Silvia are:

Brass Parts - this includes a brass boiler, brass lines, and a chromed brass grouphead. The large brass boiler can hold up to an amazing 300ml, making it ideal for the domestic coffee marketplace.

Removable Water Reservoir - the Silvia has a 2 litre capacity removable water reservoir. For ease of use, it can be removed for filling or topped up whilst the machine is running.

Commercial Grouphead - the main advantage of this tried and true grouphead is that it produces consistent shots for proper extraction. The heavy chrome plated group handle and filter baskets (58mm), are identical to the ones used in the Rancilio commercial line.

Cup Storage - the stainless steel cup stacking surface, located on top of the Silvia, is passively heated. This is essential when making a great espresso!

Removable Drip and Cup Tray - for easy cleaning.

Pressure Release System - the Silvia has a three-way solenoid valve which works by releasing any built up pressure in the group handle once an espresso shot has been made. This feature allows the machine to be prepared for making another espresso instantly.
Accessories - Group Handle (portafilter) with double spout, two stainless steel filter baskets (10 & 16 gram) for making either single or double shots of espresso, commercial coffee tamper, measuring spoon, rubber back flushing disc, an instruction booklet, a user friendly information sheet explaining how to get started and operate your Rancilio Silvia.
Cosmetic updates on the Silvia are:
- Redesigned Steam Knob
- Ergonomic group handle now features the Rancilio logo
- The 2020 model now also comes with an insulated boiler and redesigned main indicator light.