Bellman Tamper

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his tamper is specifically made for use with the Bellman Cx-25P Stovetop Espresso & Steamer. The perfect fit of 70mm diameter and the necessary hole in the middle of the tamp accommodates the brew shaft that passes through the Bellman filter basket.

Tamping is one of the more critical components behind grind size in ensuring a consistent flow and balanced extraction of espresso. The Bellman Tamper will assist you in creating a level and even tamp everytime across the whole basket. 

It is also suitable for for vintage Benjamin and Medwin,  Elebak, Vesubio, etc type stovetop coffee makers.

Perfect Fit – Manufactured to be used with the Bellman CX-25 Stovetop Espresso Maker.

Ergonomic Wood-Handle Finish – Just like a professional tamper, held in the palm and able to apply even and level distribution of forces.